Some stories of following Jesus


These stories illustrate the basic principle that we all come to faith in Jesus Christ in different ways - as Jesus speaks to us all individually. There are a number in Sharing Faith the Jesus Way, but here are 3 extra ones that were offered to put on this website to further illustrate the variety of ways in which people begin to follow Jesus.




When I was 24 years old I saw an advert for a 'Gospel Guitarist'. I was not a Christian and did not have a church upbringing. I did not know what 'gospel' meant - but I was a guitarist! I phoned and joined the group - later I even married one of them! I heard the gospel by singing the songs. I didn't understand them at first and I was in an environment that was alien. The strange thing was all this was out of character - reading a paper, looking at adverts, phoning up, joining a group - I can only say that God was taking control of my life.





My first introduction to having faith was going to Sunday School and going to school assemblies. I would sing, feeling very happy and contented. At 13 I was confirmed, but I hadn't got much of a clue of how important it was to being a Christian. When I was about 18 I had moved away from church and decided it wasn't for me. I had become too busy, and didn't give any time to God. As time went on I had got married, worked full time and had my children. Some time later I thought it would be nice for my daughters to be part of the church where they were baptized and later join the different groups. My husband didn't' attend church at all, apart from the baptisms. I found this quite difficult. I got involved in a programme called 'Good News Down Your Street'. That helped me to understand the Bible and how it rekindled my relationship with God. I had a full immersion baptism about 5 years ago and have received the laying on of hands through the Holy Spirit, and attended Alpha courses, took part in prayer ministry programmes and spiritual away days. The spiritual journey is continuing, as as long as I keep God close to my hear, I am sure he will be my guide and comforter to the rest of my life.





For me, Jesus, the gospel, has been as much about healing as forgiveness, freedom from shame as much as cleansing from guilt. For me it has been about finding a different way to live. It has been about the Holy Spirit helping me to understand my unhelpful ways of thinking, especially about myself and others, understanding my complete acceptance "just as I am", dealing with the harsh and critical inner "voice" and receiving the gentle offer of living life another way. I am amazed at God's skillful and patient "unpicking" of all the knots and tangles. I am so grateful for the love He has shown me - which is as much about a mother's love as a father's love. Repentance has been about overcoming fear and being prepared to accept the fullness of all God intended for me'.




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