Church Times review of 'Sharing faith the Jesus way'. 23.03.12


When I began to read Jim Currin’s book, I couldn’t help wondering whether I would end up feeling guilty about not having been as effective as I would like in sharing my faith, or simply find myself with another model that somehow didn’t really work for me.


Neither turned out to be the case: this is an excellent book — encouraging, liberating, and, given its price, an absolute bargain. It is the fruit of more than 30 years’ experience as a Church Army evangelist.


Writing for those who don’t find it particularly easy to speak to others about their Christian faith, Currin believes that “the heart of faith-sharing is about being available, as Jesus and his disciples were, to discover what God is going to do next with you and the people you meet.”


The book uses encounters in the Gospels to help us see how we can do this, and, in doing so, not only gives us a new confidence, but also refreshes our faith. He approaches the encounters that Jesus had with his contemporaries in a way that is completely faithful to the biblical narrative, but which also left me excited by the freshness of his insights.


He writes about the importance of reflecting on our own story and how we are accepted by God, and on the stories of those we talk to, as well as on God’s story and how his love is at the heart of the gospel. The author explores the link between prayer, caring, and sharing our faith; and writes about accompanying those who follow Jesus, besides reflecting on our own journey with God. There are some very helpful exercises, as well as some vivid and liberating illustrations from his experience, and three very helpful appendices.


... Both Currin and Leonard* are to be congratulated on what they have produced: I cannot imagine anyone regretting buying these books.



The Revd Jeremy Crossley is Rector of St Margaret Lothbury and St Stephen Coleman Street, London.  CHURCH TIMES 23 March 2012


*Chris Leonard is the author of Is God for real? Signposts and stories for people who wonder. SPCK £9.99.