2011 Review of Sharing Faith the Jesus Way


Evangelism has often received bad press because of the behaviour of some so-called evangelists who are seen shouting at people in the street, or using manipulative and forceful means in their dealings with people. Jim Currin’s book, ‘Sharing Faith the Jesus Way’ deals with these misrepresentations, highlighting the grace and beauty of the way that Jesus dealt with non-believers, and emphasising how his way ought to be our way too.


The book will appeal to the many ordinary Christians who desire to share their faith effectively, and need convincing that they already have all that they need to be able to do so. As well as being a good read for an individual, I would commend it for group study, where people can learn together and encourage each other. In fact a six week series is suggested. The ‘follow up activities’ at the end of each chapter are invaluable in helping the reader to remember what they have read and relate it to their everyday life.


I loved phrases like, it’s ‘not what we say, but what they hear,’ and the way Currin shows that God has an inexhaustible range of different ways of connecting with people just where they are, and that it is God who is the evangelist. That should be reassuring to us all. I commend this book. I am sure that it is going to help many people enjoy sharing their faith in a very natural, relaxed way, and remove the guilt some feel at not being able to do what God doesn’t actually require of them.


Howard P Webber

(then Mission Partner in Evangelism) Salvation Army