Christians reach broad consensus on appropriate missionary conduct


'Christian Witness in a Multi-religious World: recommendations for Conduct' is a major document for all Christians who live in a multi-religious context. Significantly for the theme of the 'Jesus way' on web site, this 5 page document on the conduct of mission, is based 'according to gospel principles'.


Produced by the World Council of Churches, which includes all traditions from Orthodox to Pentecostal, the Roman Catholic Pontifical Council for Inter-religious dialoge, and the World Evangelical Alliance. This is perhaps the widest representative spread of churches possible, said to be some billion people representing 90% of the worlds Christians. The representative group has reached a broad consensus on appropriate missionary conduct - especially important in areas of the world where religious tension is high.


How are we to share our Christian faith with people who belong to another religion? This is a critically important question which is addressed in this major document which you can read as a PDF of the document here.