Sharing faith the Jesus way


Here I want to explore how we share our faith, following in the footsteps and with the examle of Jesus. This may sound obvious to some, but the implications are a challenge to others. Having explored the quest for the Gospel of Jesus in the Grove booklet called 'The 360 gospel of Jesus' - I want to see how this works out in practice, not least by comparing the words of Jesus with the faith journey stories of Christians today. Not surprisingly, in the same way Jesus said different things to different people in his day, we come to faith today through many and varied messages and experience of Jesus in our own day.



BRF 'Sharing faith the Jesus way'

Coming out now in July 2011 by Bible Reading Fellowship ( as part of the Biblefresh initiative (, this book will explore the gospel of Jesus and how we can share it today. It chiefly explores 'their story', 'God's story' and 'our story' and how they interrelate.


For more details, click here for an A4 summary in Word. This may not display on mobile devises.


Click here for a pdf version which is larger, but keeps format on mobile devises.



Your story about sharing faith

I love to hear stories about Jesus and the Gospel. I also love to hear about people today come to faith in Jesus and share the gospel with the people they meet. In this writing project I have tried to break down the process to make it possible for any Christian to understand what is happening in evangelism - sounds scary but it's fantastic when people find a new faith in Christ.


So let's encourage one another!


If you have a story to share about your own faith journey, the difficulties and lessons learnt in sharing your faith with others, or just a good news story about the difference faith in Jesus has made to someone, let me know through the contact page.


I'd like to hear from you. I dont want an essay, just a few paragraphs that convey the headlines with an illustration. As I hear stories - like the amazing 'text a toastie' initiative described in 'Sharing faith the Jesus way' - I'll post them here.


Thank you.