Reflecting on sharing faith


On this page I'd like to invite you to reflect on your own experience of 'sharing faith'. First, in terms of how some else whared their faith with you. Second, on how you may have shared your faith with someone else.


Of course, I am making huge assumptions when raising these questions. Like, for example, that you are already a follower of Jesus and you have some reason to believe that faith should be shared.


There are plenty of Christians who do not believe in sharing their faith. Some through theology, i.e. It is a work of God as to how we become Christians, or social history e.g. bad experiences of colonial history where Christians have imposed faith on a different people group. Indeed, these questions may be part of your reflection.


I wonder, what is your personal experience of sharing faith? Has someone shared their faith with you? What was it like? Was it life-giving or oppressive? Was it focussed on Jesus or was it about getting you to believe what 'they' believed? Was it really about 'faith' journeys or was it about gettinbg you to their church?


Now, if  your have shared yor faith in following Jesus with others, can I ask you reflect on your own experience of doing so? Were you telling someone what they ought to do, or did you leave space for the other person to make their own discovery? Do you think the other person felt you too forceful, or inconsiderate, even rude, maybe? What kind of response did you get from them after the conversation?


On this website we are considering sharing or faith as Christians. There are a lot of considerations to be taken in to account, and much bad history, some of which needs healing and repentance on behalf of the Christian. Let's give more thought and reflection to the 'Jesus way' and see if this can inform and guide our words and action.