Hello, welcome to the Jesus 360 website.


This is a personal website that accompanies and provides additional material to two books in the UK:



Sharing faith the Jesus way 

Written to help ordinary Christians share faith - especially if they have never felt able to do it before. This is the main text for this web resource.


Sharing Faith the Jesus Way was first published by the Bible Reading Fellowship in 2011, it is available second hand online, or as a download PDF.



The 360 Gospel of Jesus

A background study for those who want to delve deeper in to the gospel of Jesus as we read in the 4 books of the Bible we call the Gospels.


Published by Grovebooks it is still available as Ev 93 in the Evangelism series, either as a print or online copy from this link.



This website explores the general theme of 'The Gospel according to Jesus'. In particular, it considers the many different people Jesus met - hence '360' - which, I believe, can help us as we share faith 'the Jesus way' today.


When we read the Gospels we find Jesus had a different word for everyone he encountered. Even if they asked the same kind of question, 'How can I have eternal life?' Jesus gave different answers. These resources are based on a fundamental basis that we are all individuals, and Jesus still has an individual word for each one of us today.


Many of us who fiollow Jesus, struggle with the question of how to share our Christian faith. We want to see others enter in to a relationship with God, through Jesus, but we are not sure how. We know the last words of Jesus to his disciples was 'Go, make all nations my disciples' and that this applies equally to us today, but often find it difficult to do.


With the three resources of these two books and this website, let us explore together what Jesus might be saying to us today, and be open to what he might then do with us after that. Welcome to an exciting journey with Jesus.




This website is from Jim Currin of the Church Army.  


Note: this website is in the process of being updated in 2023 to check content, web links, and new material that could be added.