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Many of us struggle with the question of how to share our Christian faith. We want to see others enter in to a relationship with God, through Jesus, but we are not sure how. This website accompanies two books which help to answer the question this question.


Sharing faith the Jesus way is written to help ordinary Christians share faith - especially if they have never felt able to do it before.

The 360 Gospel of Jesus is a background study for those who want to delve deeper in to what the message of Jesus was.


This website accompanies the books on the general theme of 'The Gospel according to Jesus'. It considers the many different people Jesus met and how we can share faith 'the Jesus way' today. The website accompanies the books and provides additional resource material.

All this material is written by Jim Currin of the Church Army.      


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SFTJW sold out!

Sadly, Sharing Faith the Jesus Way has sold out. There are some print copies circulating on Amazon and eBay, but as I have the copyright, you can download a PDF copy if you acknowledge the source as this website. Please only use for your own personal and church group use. Thank you.


Church Times review of Sharing faith the Jesus way

Today, Rev Jeremy Crossley has written a very positive review in the Church Times which you can read here. He says, under the title, Unlock your inner evangelist, 'encouraging, liberating, and, given its price, an absolute bargain'.

Thank you Rev Crossley.


Sharing faith - a 5 week course 

A short course based on 'Sharing faith the Jesus way', has been produced.  It can be used during Lent, or in preparation for mission, in a cell group or as an individual. The course is on PDF here.           



Some commendations

'This book has arrived just at the right time for me'

Sue in Coventry re 'Sharing faith the Jesus way'


'Can't put the book down. Lost it at church because other people had picked it up and started reading it - all are going to order copies. Our Vicar wants to borrow mine while he orders one!'

Maggie in Suffolk about 'Sharing faith the Jesus way'


'Wow! That's massive! It changes everything!

Jon from Cambridge about 'repent' not being repeated by Jesus every time he met someone. 


Fantastic. I shall be following this teaching with More than Gold mission folk we

are gathering here. Well done.

Sally in Wakefield

This site accompanies two new books and provides additional resources.



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Published in July 2011 by

Bible Reading Fellowship

Although sold out and only available now on Amazon and eBay, you can download:


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Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to this 'Jesus 360' project.