Commendations for 'Sharing faith the Jesus way'.


David Cornick is General Secretary at churches Together in England:


'This wise and generous exploration of evangelism begins with the truth, exploring how Jesus responded differently to individuals according to their needs and the state of their lives. Good evangelism begins there, respecting our own indivuality as we share the faith that shapes us and resoectiing our conversation partner too. This delightful little book will be a source of courage to those who dont quite know where to begin - and for those who have begun the journey, it is a compendium of of wisdom, humour and ideas. Use it, and let the 360 gospel of Jesus surprise and entrance you'.


David Spriggs is Bible and Church Consultant for the BIble Society:


'Provides Christ-filled insights plus practical and spiritual stimulus to get us naturally introducing our friends to Jesus the Jesus way, with supernatural consequences'.


June and Lesley at the book launch

David spoke at the book launch in the fair trade cafe at the CLC Christian bookshop in Coventry on Saturday 16th July 2011. He said that 'Sharing faith the Jesus way' had been written out of love.

Love for people who, as yet, don't know Jesus. Love for ordinary Christians to have confidence in sharing their faith. Love for God who gives us new life in Jesus - and with the love of a wife, Linda, 'without whom the book "would not have been possible"'. 


 Lesley and June at the book launch in Coventry


Ian Bunce is Head of Mission Department for the Baptist Union of Great Britain:


'Not a formula or a programme, just a challenge to live differently .. I recommend it to all Christians who want to make a difference where they are'.


Clare Ward is Home Mission Advisor for the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales:


'If you want to know how to evangelise, study the Gospels. This is the simple and profound truth that Jim communicates with clarity and in an accessible way for all those wanting to engage more actively in home mission'.


Adam May is Director of Development for Christian Nightlife Initiatives:


'Sharing faith the Jesus way' is an excellent and well written piece. The principle that we are called to use Jesus' way to communicate is something we are all called to reaffirm regularly. The resources in this book provide a unique opportunity to do this. Jim Currin offers a much needed and timely resource that the church needs'.


Rob Cotton is Director of Biblefresh and works for the Bible Society and the Evangelical Alliance:


'This book helps to make sharing the good news a natural experience, and as we prayerfully read the Gospels we are offered here practical exercises to explore together. This book helps us to apply scripture to our lives, it stimulates you to live differently, and it is a real page turner'.