Related resources


Here are some related resources that will help you find out more about the Christian faith and how to share it the 'Jesus way'. It would be great if these web sites and resources were made more widely known on email signatures, church news sheets, websites, advertising literature etc. These resources are designed for individuals, but can often be used by groups.


For individuals is an innovative website about Jesus. Here you can explore all kinds of aspects about Jesus, especially if you do not know very much about him. There is a wide range of material - both entertaining and educational - for all ages. Whether you believe in Jesus or not you will find something of interest - so many people visit this site that it is often top of the google chart. is beautifully produced to introduce the enquirer to the person of Jesus and the Christian faith. Produced by the Christian Enquiry Agency, it has the facility to follow up anyone who wishes to to ask questions, speak to someone or find a church. Seasonal material is being added to the core content, which is offered at several levels for eiether the casual or serious enquirer. is a resource for new Christians to sign up to so that they receive a free email every day for five weeks. There is the option of listening to a podcast and on the fourth day of each week, there is a link to an interactive website. The key themes of the course are: Making sense of life / Giving God a chance / Dealing with crap / Making the most of faith / Hoping for the best. is a free online study resource designed for Christians who want to explore twelve major aspects of Christian discipleship. It explores the four Gospel books in different learning styles. You can go at your own pace and look through all sorts of windows for anything up to twelve months. Up to a 100 people are joining each month and it is now possible to use the material in groups to encourage each other.


 ... to be continued!