Krish Kandiah writing about the 'e' word


Krish Kandiah is the Executive Director for Churches in Mission with the Evangelical Alliance and wrote about the 'e' word for the 'Christianity' magazine. He actually called it the dreaded 'e' word. What was he writing about?


The 'e' stands for 'evangelism'.


'Sharing faith the Jesus way is all about evangelism - the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ, especially to those people who, as yet, do not know him. Sharing faith is difficult and yes, it is 'dreaded' by many! Krish says that 'members of my congregation used to tell me that they would far sooner hear a sermon on sex or death than evangelism'.


Krish comments on a recent survey conducted by the Evangelical Alliance of 17,000 evangelical UK Christians (and note - 'evangelical' refers to the theological tradition where the 'evangel' or 'good news' is particularly emphasised). The survey showed that, although 90% were convinced that we should be active in evangelism, the likelyhood that we will speak to anyone this month about God is no more than 60%.


The article goes on to give good reasons why Christians (perhaps of all traditions I would suggest) find sharing their faith difficult. He lists, 'new atheism', 'political corectness', awkwardness' and 'lack of authenticity' - and goes on to ask 'How did Jesus do it?'


This question is, of course, the main theme of 'Sharing faith the Jesus way' - which is why I am giving this page to highlighting his timely article and pointing you, dear reader, to the article as it appeared in 'Christianity'.