Just posted the YouTube video taken by Paul Simmonds

Posted on 15th January, 2012

Have you seen the video Paul Simmonds made about me and 'Sharing faith the Jesus way?' See the home page link if not - and encourage others to see it if you want them to know a bit about what the book covers.

I was really pleased that Bible Reading Fellowship suggested the exercise, and felt relaxed on hte day. Paul suggested the Transport Museum in Coventry as a possible venue, as we both live in Coventry and he wanted the interview to connect with things going on around - like the people and sounds in the cafe where we had coffee.

I felt a lot happier speaking to Paul, and Helen who came along too, about this writing project - than I do now thinking that I need to suggest people look at it. I don't comment on Facebook and twitter very often, for example, so will pray now about the best way to do it - hoping it will point people to Jesus.

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