Getting the Jesus 360 website online

Posted on 12th January, 2011

Today has been a great joy.

I was delighted to find that the domain name 'Jesus 360' was available and registered '' and related url's last year. I was keen to have a compass image for the '360' and today just decided to take a picture of the compass in my bottom draw and see if I could create a banner from it. Hey presto! You see the result.

Getting the banner was then an encouragement to do lots of other things to get the Jesus 360 website off the ground. It has been live since August 2010, but with very little content and no promotion. With the two books coming out this year it is time to have the website ready ... so here it is!

Although writing is sometimes an effort - especially the final stages of tidying up - on the whole it is a compulsive activity that is difficult to put down. I have loved it. I am convinced that we need to consider Jesus and how he helped people understand the gospel message, and this opens the door for us to share the good news today.

Everyone can share their faith, as Jesus works with our personality. We dont have to preach at people (relatively few become Christians that way anyway), and there is a message for all the people we know - we just have to pray for the right moment and connect three stories: their story, my story and God's story.

What an adventure!

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Hello. And Bye.
No comments on here yet, Jim! I am looking at the website today because I have been doing some reflection on the Gospel 360 theme. You will see an email from me on your home email. Good to see that the site is up and running