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Have you seen the video Paul Simmonds made about me and 'Sharing faith the Jesus way?' See the home page link if not - and encourage others to see it if you want them to know a bit about what the book covers.

I was really pleased that Bible Reading Fellowship suggested the exercise, and felt relaxed on hte day. Paul suggested the Transport Museum in Coventry as a possible venue, as we both live in Coventry and he wanted the interview to connect with things going on around - like the people and sounds in the cafe where we had coffee.

I felt a lot happier speaking to Paul, and Helen who came along too, about this writing project - than I do now thinking that I need to suggest people look at it. I don't comment on Facebook and twitter very often, for example, so will pray now about the best way to do it - hoping it will point people to Jesus.

It's all happening now!

Posted on 6th July, 2011

I was delighted, surprised and concerned that copies of 'Sharing faith the Jesus way' were landing on carpets behind friends front doors a month ahead of schedule!


Delighted of course, that the writing project had finally come to fruition.


Surprised, as the safe date for a book launch was not till mid July.


Concerned because the accompanying web site here, was not complete!


So, having got all the basic pages prepared back in January, I now had to find time to bring the schedule forward. Most of the material was ready, but some, like the sermon and discussion notes, needed tidying up to make them presentable.


I was away last week at the missioners conference and spoke a bit about this project, quoting the JOhn V Taylor quote and resources being produced. Two people, including Graham Cray from Fresh Expressions, pointed me to the Rowan Williams talk at the FX 'Changing the Landscape' day - fantastic, here is someone speaking much better than I can about the same thing:- the variety of encounters wio Jesus we read about in the Gospels. Thank you to FX for the extra page here.


So, with even more material than planned, here is the website to accompany the writing. There is, of course, much to add with more quotes and the paragraph abaout each study book which has fed the process. For now, though, it's time to plan more of the book launch at CLC bookshop in Coventry on Saturday 16th July at 3pm.

(Oh, was that an advert??!!)


Getting the Jesus 360 website online

Posted on 12th January, 2011

Today has been a great joy.

I was delighted to find that the domain name 'Jesus 360' was available and registered '' and related url's last year. I was keen to have a compass image for the '360' and today just decided to take a picture of the compass in my bottom draw and see if I could create a banner from it. Hey presto! You see the result.

Getting the banner was then an encouragement to do lots of other things to get the Jesus 360 website off the ground. It has been live since August 2010, but with very little content and no promotion. With the two books coming out this year it is time to have the website ready ... so here it is!

Although writing is sometimes an effort - especially the final stages of tidying up - on the whole it is a compulsive activity that is difficult to put down. I have loved it. I am convinced that we need to consider Jesus and how he helped people understand the gospel message, and this opens the door for us to share the good news today.

Everyone can share their faith, as Jesus works with our personality. We dont have to preach at people (relatively few become Christians that way anyway), and there is a message for all the people we know - we just have to pray for the right moment and connect three stories: their story, my story and God's story.

What an adventure!